What is the role of father?

Show Acceptance

Accept children for who they are, not for what they do. Do not look for constant successes or push them into high achievement. Instead, support and encourage them as they search for the life that they desire. If their self-esteem is solid, they will push themselves to achieve and succeed.

Respect Your Son's Mother

Your son's respect for his mother will flow from your relationship with her. Treat your partner with kindness and respect, yet do not be soft or wimpish. Respect includes respecting the fact that you are equals in the relationship and share equal responsibility of caring for your children. You are an important role model for your son, and how he relates to women when he is older is influenced by you. Treat this role carefully.

Saying You're Sorry

Sometimes, it is hard to admit that we have made a mistake or have acted in a less then satisfactory manner. However, in order to teach children to take responsibility for their lives and actions, we need to show that owning up and saying sorry are important things to do. So be prepared to say you are sorry over mistakes, lead your children by example. But don't overdo it; some people apologise all the time and over smaller things and the action loses meaning.

Consistent, consistent, consistent!

Consistency is one of the key elements to raising children successfully. Raising children in a positively consistent environment leads to balanced children who value their own self worth. Consistency lets them know who they are and where they stand in the world.

The little things that matter

Sometimes as dads we think that we have to do something big to show our children that we love them. This isn't true. In fact, most children feel loved when their dads do the little things, like taking time to read a book, attend a sporting event, or play a game with them. It is the little things that matter in the end. Through small and simple things are great things brought to pass

Make time

Allow enough time in your life to have a real relationship with your children. Remember that song "Cat's in the cradle"? If you don't make time for them when they're young, they will learn to not make time for you later on.

Be a Kid!

Play with your children regularly and be a real friend to them. Remember there is a difference between being childish (immature) and child-like (playful). You may have forgotten how much fun it is to really play!

Old Dad Role vs. New Dad Role

The role of dads has changed dramatically over the past 15 to 20 years. Fathers are expected now to be less of the distant, money-earning disciplinarian, and more of the caring, sharing in-tune dad. The old dad offered children a view on discipline and strength (being the one to protect and provide). The new dad has to be an all rounder - being a mixture of mom and dad in one. Both offer advantages although the old dad is often less able to relate to the child and show their love or support. Which dad would you like to be?

Be a Friend

Be a friend to your children. That way, they will stay close to you. Being a parent all the time is not a balanced way to relate to your kids.

Your children are not your second chance at life

"A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he meant to be." -Carolyn Coats. It's true that most of us want our kids to be our ideal image of ourselves - without all of the mistakes or faults that we think we have. But it's not very realistic. Each child is an individual - not the second chance of the parent to live as they wished they had lived. Give your children space to be themselves and explore life their way. Your job is to show them right from wrong, good from bad, and protect them until they are old enough to go their own way.

The world for your children

What sort of world do you want your children to grow up in? It is your children that will shape the world of the future. It is you that will shape your children. Decide carefully and shape accordingly.

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