December 18, 2009, Newsletter Issue #264: Getting Hit by a Slider

Tip of the Week

I learned a lot of lessons in little league. One of them was when you get hit by a pitch you have to “walk it off.” Being hit by a pitch really didn’t hurt, too much; it was the shock of the ball hitting you that distressed a batter. I’m sure in the majors it hurts, but the majority of grown men will never see a hundred mile an hour fastball, or get hit by one. The closest an average guy will get, to being hit by a pitch, is in a relationship. I’ve been hit many times by fast balls, sliders that should have been low and away, but came in one me, and “locked up” by some off speed question that came in too close and caught me on the hands. After getting hit, each time I just took my base and walked it off.  
That’s the thing baseball and relationships have in common – stepping up to the plate. You can’t get on base if you don’t take the risk of getting hit by a pitch.
Thankfully, I’m much better at relationships than I was at hitting. Yesterday, though, I was hit by slider. I saw the question leave her hands, it looked like a fastball – I’m a fastball hitter – I relaxed and then the question began coming in on me, I tried to get out of the way but the pitch was just too fast. That’s the thing about sliders, you never know where they’re going to end up and you always look foolish swinging at one. This slider was coming in on me and I’m sure it should’ve been low and away, but it wasn’t, so I just wanted to get out of the way. As the question broke the plane of the batter’s box it hit me on the right shin – I’m left-handed.
Being hit on the shin is tough to walk off and you always look ridiculous doing it.   
Major Leaguers look like speed walkers limping. After being hit their hands and elbows are tucked close to their chest and they limp around with a grimace on their face. The difference between baseball and relationships is I still had to answer a question, instead of limping to first base so a designated runner can run the bases for me.
After the initial shock of being hit wore off, I handled the question skillfully and with sensitivity. I still don’t remember everything I said, which is both good and bad I guess. In the end, a successful at-bat, I took my base, and walked it off.
Have a great weekend and God Bless.

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