September 10, 2010, Newsletter Issue #301: Staying Fit in the Worlds Fattest Industrialized Country

Tip of the Week

67% of the United States population is obese. The World Health Organization completed the study from 2000 – 2008 and the only countries ranked higher than the U.S. is a small island nation, Kiribati, and an American territory, American Samoa. Personally, I think the W.H.O. did us a favor in the rankings by considering a small island and a territory a country. So for arguments sake America is the fattest industrialized country. Why? Well the study came to a conclusion and culprit to how a small island and a territory could become so obese in such a short period time – processed food. True America is the kingdom of processes food, but we like to spread the fat by exporting our cheap canned food alternatives like Spam and anything else in a can or box to other countries. Why not? There’s plenty of this stuff to go around because it lasts forever and it’s cheap to make. So how does one survive past the age of thirty without becoming pre-hypertension in the U.S.?      
Stop eating food with ingredients like high fructose, corn sweetener, corn syrup, corn syrup solids; partially hydrogenated, fractionated, or hydrogenated fat; refined grains; salt. Whoa, no salt you say! Hey I like and use salt too, but I add salt on my own. If you eat canned or boxed food chances are you salt intake is off the charts; and you have developed a taste for extremely salty foods. Have you ever had a home cooked meal from scratch and instantly grabbed the salt shaker, if you have then your use to over salted foods. The easiest thing to do is stop purchasing foods with additives and preservatives. Look for labels like no additives or preservatives or USDA Organic certified. Eating non processed foods doesn’t always necessarily mean you’ll live longer, but you’ll definitely live a better quality of life - and quality always trumps quantity.       

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