Create an environment of calm

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How do I handle the kids being too noisy?

Create an environment of calm

If you find that you're getting stressed when the kids are around, try to create a calm environment. This means maintaining an attitude of calm yourself and encouraging the kids to do the same. Speak to them in a softer, quieter voice then they use. Move more slowly then they do. Try to bring them in time with you. Keep stereo or TV volumes down - better still, avoid having more then one on at a time and keep the volume down.



11/11/2008 9:53:16 AM
Exasperated Sasquatch said:

Turn off the TV. That's all you've got?? My wife assures me that if I spoke any more quietly or moved any more slowly, she'd have to check my pulse.

Kid is six now and since she turned two she never spends a moment with her mouth shut. TV is not on until evening - kid wakes up at 5:30 am and begins talking and singing to herself and DOES... NOT... STOP. We discuss this as a family. "Other people are trying to sleep. Please be kind to your family and be quiet until seven." "You are filling up the house with your noise and no one has enough quiet to think." She's a good kid, a smart kid and a generally kind kid. But within seconds, she's yammering her butt off again anyway. I dump her in the back yard and I can STILL hear her.

On the bright side, she's clever and imaginative, is doing great in school, and her imaginary drams are better than most of what's on network television. On the negative side, I start my day grumpy and am ready to move to antarctica by 8am. I don't need nukes brought in on her, she's a good kid. I need some decent, moderate advice for how extremely noisy little people and their yeti parent can co-exist more peacefully. (My -also quiet- wife is lucky the mailman isn't a chatterbox. I wonder sometimes.)

I guess this is why there aren't more sasquatch. They eat most of their own young in a last ditch effort to get five minutes of quiet.

5/15/2009 12:52:17 PM
John said:

Hello Exasperated,

My practical advice for a peaceful co-existance starts with spending more time with each other. Try starting off with just a 1/2 hour a day - everyday. Set some time aside each day, at the same time, so your child gets use to the consistency and looks forward to your time together. A parent/child relationship needs to be cultivated so a mutual respect is developed by both people. After a relationship is established then when you need time to yourself a mere, "please keep the volume down for daddy", is more than likely observed and obeyed. Best of luck to you and the family.


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