Co-parenting with your Ex-Wife

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Co-parenting with your Ex-Wife

I haven’t brought this up in prior tips but if you are in a co-parenting situation which is separated and or divorced, then you’ll need support from friends and family. Separation is never easy but sometimes very necessary. Couples separate for numerous reasons and whatever the reason is for you I’m sure it was a good one. Seeking out support and beginning the healing process will make you a better man and father. Self-help books, family, friends, and the internet will greatly assist you in your time of need. The internet and blogs is a free resource for you to utilize if you find yourself in a co-parenting situation. The important part of the entire process is focusing on the children. As you already know children need consistency and when mom or dad moves out their world is turned upside down. The best advice anyone will give you is to always speak highly of each other and never involve the children in your disputes. Shielding your children from the bickering and badgering will benefit their self-esteem, sense of family, and assist in their mental development. Find a confidant, seek out assistance, and love your children; you’ll find your life beginning to make sense in no time at all.



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