What Should be your Highest Priority

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What Should be your Highest Priority

It’s quite easy to figure out your highest priority. Assuming you were sleeping when it started, if your house was on fire what would you grab first? I’m sure right after looking over and seeing that your wife is awake and moving in a coherent fashion your children would be the first thing on your mind. I’m guessing you wouldn’t jump right out of bed and leave her there to fend on her own? Try making a list. When I was married mine was: my wife was my highest priority; followed by my children; then my family; my spirituality; my health and on and on.

Don’t fret if your list is different than the one I outlined above. Some people put their career way up there behind their children, but you should have your spouse and children as one and two. In my opinion, it’s important to place your wife as your highest priority for a number of reasons: she’s your life partner; she’s the mother of your children; she’s your best friend; she’s your confidant; she puts up with you. I could make a much longer list. If you are fortunate enough to raise girls wouldn’t you want your little sweetheart being the highest priority in her husband’s life? I have little doubt you wouldn’t. There is another quote I learned to love over the years and it’s by David O. McKay, it reads, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”



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