The Art of Meditation

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The Art of Meditation

If you are wise enough to be watching less television and freeing up your day then try getting into the art of mediation. Take at least ten minutes per day and spend it mediating. If you are a religious person the time you spend praying is considered meditating. For this tip we are assuming you do not meditate or pray daily. There are many forms of mediating and I’m outlining the one I find easily practiced. Find a spot in or outside the home where it is quiet; sit down crossed legged or more commonly known as the half lotus position; rest your hands on your legs and in your lap on top of each other folded in your center; straighten your spine and do not slouch; if you are finding it difficult or uncomfortable to sit with your spine erect sit with your back to a wall or post for support; quiet your mind and think of nothing but your breathing; let go of all the tension in your body beginning from your head all the way to your feet; focus on your breathing and slow it down. You must practice slowing your breathing down and think of nothing else for the entire time.

After you have mastered clearing your mind and controlling your breathing, you can present conflicts or obstacles in your life worth contemplating. Over time mediating will result in less anxiety, stress, and muscular tension. And finally, Let me know if you’ve reached enlightenment.



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