Accepting Help from Others

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Accepting Help from Others

There is no shame in accepting help from family, friends and neighbors. Remember the Ego? It’s the Ego that gets in the way most of the time. Well don’t let it happen to you. If friends or family ask to help watch the kids, try taking them up on their offer. Create a win-win situation and just like at work you can apply those principles in your home. You can trade with other couples. You’re not the only married couple with kids. Take your friends kids for a Friday night or Saturday and in turn you can get a free Friday night or Saturday. When it comes to personal time try trading with your wife. You can meditate before dinner and she can work out after dinner. Your wife stays in shape and you spend some much needed time alone with the kids after meditating. The best time to spend with your children is after clearing your mind of daily tasks. Create a win-win situation when accepting help from others.



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