Incorporating Personal Time in your Life

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Incorporating Personal Time in your Life

Hobbies and personal ambitions are lifelong pursuits and can be the difference between a life worth living and a life spent wondering. Set some time aside for yourself now that you are an expert in trading time and creating a win-win situation. I’m not referencing reading or meditating. I’m discussing lifelong pursuits like learning to play an instrument, climbing a mountain, achieving a black belt in martial arts, competing in a 5K, or a triathlon.
Whatever your pursuits are I’m sure they are worth pursuing. Don’t short yourself on personal goals indulge in them. Go as far as scheduling time for your pursuits. Make a note in your blackberry or your day planner and treasure this time as you would work or spending time with the kids. You’ll live a much more interesting life and never feel the need to look back and wonder: what if?



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