Surround Yourself with Quality People

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Surround Yourself with Quality People

Andrew Carnegie, regarded as the 2nd richest man in history, engraved on his tombstone these words: “Here lies a man who knew how to enlist the service of better men than him.”

Carnegie knew and understood the importance of surrounding himself with quality people. If you are going to succeed in having a proper work/life balance keeping the right people around at work is key in your pursuit. If you currently have an employee, or several employees, that are not “A” players then let them go. Don’t think of my advice as being harsh or unsympathetic; instead look at the situation as the reason this person is not performing is because this career is not for them. I worked in the hospitality industry for years and worked with many “aspiring” actors, authors and singers. Every person is on their own personal journey and it’s possible their goals are not aligned with your department or area of work. If their goals are not in line with your own, find a better person than yourself to fill the void.



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