Showing Genuine Interest in Your Kids

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Showing Genuine Interest in Your Kids

“If there is anything we wish to change in our children, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.”

-Carl G. Jung

Showing interest in your children is more than shaking your head up and down every few seconds and seeming engaged. Does the term “mutual dialogue” set off any bells? When playing with your children ask them open ended questions to show real interest in them. Instead of asking, “How was your day?” or “Are you having fun?” Try asking them, “Why are we playing with this toy?” or “What does this toy do?” Stay away from yes/no questions and engage conversation with open ended questions that stimulate conversation. If you do not understand what your child is saying ask the person that probably does, your wife.

If your wife is a stay at home mom chances are she knows exactly what your child is attempting to communicate. Try asking your wife how her day went and what the children learned or played while you were away. Getting incite before engaging your child will assist you in decoding their language.



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