Expressing your Love at Meal Time

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Expressing your Love at Meal Time

Saying I love you are critical words your child must hear as often as possible. Expressing I love you takes time and imagination. Going to work and providing for your family is not expressing true affection, it’s your obligation. Don’t give yourself credit for something you are supposed to do. Making your children oddly shaped pancakes every Saturday morning instead of buying doughnuts is a sign of affection. Try putting some love in their meals.

Like most great chefs presentation is vital in serving a fine meal. You know your audience so work on your presentation and they will love when daddy cooks. Start out simple with mid-day snacks or lunch. Go to the baking aisle in the grocery store and pick out some fun or funny cookie cutter designs. I’m partial to Christmas designs. Instead of slapping bologna on some white bread with cheese or plain old peanut butter and jelly, make the sandwich and cut out a character; its fun, the kids will go crazy, and every meal will be welcomed. If you are artistic carve a little freehand landscape design on their plates. Take this personalized approach with everything you do for the children and they will experience the love you have for them.



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