Admitting when your wrong

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Admitting when your wrong

We all make mistakes and no one knows everything. Children ask so many questions so it’s impossible to answer them all correctly; if you make an error then acknowledge your mistake and apologize generously. I drove my children from Jacksonville, Florida to Houston, Texas and along the way I turned off the highway for gas and when I got back on the highway I headed the wrong way. My five year old daughter kept pointing out how the signs looked the same, but I told her we were going the right way. After an hour I realized she was right and quickly turned around.

I apologized to her the rest of the way and I had to endure the recurring question, “Are we going the right way daddy?” It was a very humbling experience. Up until that happened the ride was pretty dull and quiet, but after we laughed, joked, played games, and sang the entire trip. I tell that story all the time and she still calls me “Silly Daddy”. If I didn’t acknowledge my mistake immediately and apologize generously our memory wouldn’t have been as celebrated.



4/30/2010 2:21:18 AM
rogerrayenz said:

I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, no matter how infrequent it may be, but I do know a few other ENTJs that, as you describe, could never bring themselves to say such a thing.

I really have no qualms about it, and it's not situational. I am either correct, or incorrect, and for me there is no in between.

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