Never Criticize

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Never Criticize

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do – Benjamin Franklin

This is one of my favorite quotes. You can write a book based on this quote and some people have. There are so many critics in our world that our homes can do without another one. Besides how can you criticize a child for doing something instinctual? You really can’t, so don’t. As our children grow and begin to enter adolescence and adulthood, we are prone to offer our criticism. Resist the urge and hold the tongue. We want to build bridges in our relationship not create obstacles.

Instinctually, no one blames themselves for anything. I’m sure you’ve seen on television perhaps people claiming they killed their spouse only because they caught them in bed with another person. The lawyers shout “It was a crime of passion! My client was temporarily insane.” Instead of critiquing our children let’s work on ourselves. It requires less effort and we will reap the benefits every day. Besides, there is already one of you in this world, do we really need another?



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