Be Compassionate

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Be Compassionate

Our children can be happy everyday without a single hardship or letdown. Is this possible? Maybe if we shielded them from the world, but in actuality they are going to encounter bumps and bruises along the way. Your child can’t win the little league championship every year or become a professional athlete. Or maybe they can? Point being there will be a time when you will need to console your child and show compassion for their suffering; whether it’s getting second place in the science fair or not being asked to the prom. You’re going to “step up” and attempt to alleviate their suffering.

The best way to console your child is tell them you’re proud of them and assist in getting them back on their feet. Let them know how much you love and support them in everything they do. Second place is fine achievement. John Adams lost his first bid for the Presidency and then won the next election. If your daughter doesn’t get asked to the prom and she really wants to go; encourage her to ask someone herself. Let her know strong women get what they want and determination dictates the outcome of any situation. A heartfelt, compassionate talk keeps kids thinking positive and believing anything can be accomplished.



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