Be Generous

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Be Generous

Be generous in everything you do with your child. Give out compliments in overabundance. Share your love with them at every moment. Bestow your knowledge of food, books, or woodworking upon them. Most importantly teach your children the art of giving. You don’t have to be a philanthropist to give to charitable foundations; you just have to be just generous. Teach our children others are less fortunate than us and donating furniture, clothes, or time is a way to honor our lives. Andrew Carnegie, arguably the greatest philanthropist in history, summed it up quite nicely.

The man who dies rich dies disgraced – Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie donated nearly 4.5 billion dollars (according to today’s standards) before he died and after his death he donated another 250 million. Placing others needs ahead of our own is a valuable trait to pass on to our children.



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