Be Patient

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Be Patient

Children are in their own little world. Take a simple act as going to the bathroom. I have two little girls and my oldest learned to use the potty in a day and my youngest took nearly a week. I had to assist her through three. I continued to exercise my patience with her because she is on her own path. I could have screamed, hollered, used sarcasm, and punishment all I wanted, but that would have only scarred her and not get her where I wanted her to be. She got there on her own schedule. As I continued to help her, she continued to learn.

Patience is a learned skill. We already know children mimic our behavior; if we are continually stressed and anxious our children will assume this to be normal. If you pull into a restaurant and see a full parking lot, go ahead and park and wait it out. If you are in traffic and someone wants to pull in front of you to get over a lane then go ahead and let them through. Exercise your patience daily and you’ll pass on a vital asset to your children.



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