Be Perceptive

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Be Perceptive

My daughters love to draw picture for me. I take every picture they draw, color, or paint and hang them up on a wall or in my office for everyone. Seeing the look on their face after hanging up their latest masterpiece is reason enough. I see how important the ritual is to them. It’s the little victories you celebrate with your children that builds a life. The day you take off their swimmies; the day they first learn to ride a bike; their first day of school; these events all require your attention and acknowledgement. It’s up to you to notice how important something is to your child.

When you walk in the door from work do a mental dump of all work related issues you have fluttering around in your head. Give your children as much attention as you would your boss or a client. People have a way of neglecting those closest so don’t be that person. Practice honing a keen sense of perception and take notice of your loved ones.



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