Living Forgiveness

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Living Forgiveness

Forgive them for they know not what they do – Jesus of Nazareth

I attended a seminar once and the speaker spoke about forgiveness. He went on to say not forgiving those who’ve wronged us in some way was like carrying a backpack full of rocks. We walk around with this heavy load; wondering, why do I continue to struggle in this world? Why we can’t seem to make progress? Why are we constantly angry or sad or confused about our lives? His answer was simple: “because we lack the will to forgive.” I was never very fond of the quote by Jesus when I was younger. I believe in forgiveness, but always believed we are responsible for our own actions. If we are responsible for our own actions then how did those people not know what they were doing to Jesus? I completely misinterpreted the point because I took his statement too literally.

The people that committed that heinous act did not know what they were doing. How could they? If they knew they wouldn’t have done it. For instance, my biological father believed in hitting. That was all he knew, because in his mind when a child misbehaves you hit them. The means at which parents facilitate this act differs with each person; nonetheless, a beating is going to happen if a child steps out of line. I forgave him a long time ago. Teach your children to be forgiving by practicing daily. If someone cuts you off on the highway, forgive them, maybe they didn’t see you? Maybe they knew not what they did?



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