Be Considerate

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Be Considerate

Showing regard for other people’s feelings can definitely win friends. Are we applying the same social skills in the home? Doubtful we are as methodical in our speech at home as we are in the office. As our children reach preteen and teen years they tend to become highly emotional young adults. Knowing this is bound to take place, being considerate around our children is the best way to keep the lines of communication flowing. Try not to treat them as a ticking time bomb. Instead, assist them in managing their expectations of the world.

When a teen takes their first steps out on their own they will make certain assumptions about life. On most occasions those assumptions are far different from what they had in mind. Their “ideas” don’t coincide with the conditions they are thrown into: whether it’s inflated expectations, underrating difficulties, needless optimism, or a negative attitude. The only way to prepare our children for heading on their own is be considerate of their feelings and treating them as equals with respect.



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