Showing Children True Courage

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Showing Children True Courage

“The best way out is always through” – Robert Frost

We see courage around us in our fellow man every day: a boy goes to school and excels, despite of being bullied every day. A single father is awarded sole custody of his children despite everyone telling him it will never happen. A single mother raising four children while taking the bus, working two jobs and still preparing dinner every night for her babies. Opening our children’s eyes to everyday heroes is enlightening and heartwarming, because showing them true courage may change their lives forever. Teaching your children to live for today and admonish fear, uncertainty, doubt and not prejudge all require true courage.

True courage is attempting to change the norm and swim against the current. Why do salmon swim hundreds of miles upstream every year to spawn, and most likely to certain death? It’s because their instinct is guiding them - they just do. Why does a man turn at the fork in the road and venture down the road less traveled? It’s because he has true courage.



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