Build a Time Capsule

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Build a Time Capsule

You can purchase professional time capsule kits online complete with instructions for a low as thirty-five dollars to over a thousand dollars depending on what you want to include and how long you are going to keep the time capsule closed. Some items you may want to consider including are:

· Anything of sentimental value you won’t miss anytime soon
· A letter or postcard to your future self
· An plaque or an award
· Photos
· A progress report or a report card
· Sketches and drawing by the kids
· Lockets if hair form each family member (you want to remember what you hair looked like or when it was your natural color?)
· A description of each family member by each family member
· A child’s blanket or “Woobie”
· Some currency of the day (maybe in 50 years there won’t be any?)
· A list of predictions from each child, for the future in general and their future in particular
· A letter describing your life thus far or the day you completed the capsule
· Get the Grandparents involved and have them put something in to remember them by

How long do you keep it sealed? That’s completely up to you and the quality of your kit. If you want to save it for future generations then go ahead and spend the extra money. Preserving your memories with a family time capsule is a great way to ensure your future family, remembers their past.



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