What to do about Whining

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What to do about Whining

I recently encountered a problem with my daughter whining. Ever since the summer recess I’ve been noticing her whining more and more incessantly. A few days ago I decided to put a stop to it. I explained to her that whining is a trait no one likes and especially no likes to hear and that no one wants to be friends with a whiner. When she continued to whine, which happened, I placed her in a timeout. When she is in a timeout there is no talking, so the whining stopped. It took all day, but she stopped whining. I ended up placing her in five timeouts. It took all day and eventually she stopped the behavior. It’s been two days and the whining hasn’t raised its ugly head. Correcting undesirable behavior takes patients, time, and diligence. If your child whines try what I did and see of it works. Best of luck to you.



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