Will I be Awarded Custody of my Kids

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Will I be Awarded Custody of my Kids

I get many questions surrounding divorce from dads. A divorce can be a very stressful and uncomfortable time in the lives of everyone involved. One of the most asked questions I receive is: How did you get custody of your kids? And shortly after I get asked that question this one follows: What do you think my chances are that I’ll get full custody of my children? The answer to that question is different for every marriage. For duel income families dads have just as good of a chance to obtain full custody as mom. The question is: how many dads want full custody? I have full custody of both my little girls because that’s what I wanted it and I was willing to do anything, within reason and the law, to get full custody. So for all you dads out there that say you want your kids, if you want them then go get them! It’s really that simple. Find an attorney, tell him/her what you want and most importantly, stay out of their way. For the dads out there that haven’t lived up to their vows, chances are if you didn’t live up to your side of the deal the court will favor against you. For the dads out there that are the primary bread winner, chances are that’s the role you’ll continue to play as your wife continues her role as primary caregiver. Unless she does something terribly wrong to warrant the court to hand the children over to you. If she’s a good mom then more than likely she’ll keep the kids. Remember whatever the situation respect you children’s mother and cherish the time you do spend with your children.



7/13/2010 12:23:55 AM
karen said:

Great advice, especially "respect." It sounds like you have a level head on your shoulders. Some other suggestions...live in the same town so if you don't get full custody, you will get to help raise your children. Call them every day you aren't with them to say goodnight and find out how their day went and most importantly just to say "I love you." And develop a friendship with the X for no other reason than to keep life happy for the kids.

7/22/2010 2:20:56 PM
Gildrith MacLeod said:

Stay in your childrens lifes no matter what,they need you and i do mean you not necessarily your money.


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