Take improving ideas one at a time

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How do I do everything that you recommend?

Take improving ideas one at a time

With these life tips - or any improvements / changes you try to make - take them one at a time. Don't try to do everything at once - it, generally, won't work and you will end up achieving nothing and feeling empty and guilty. Find something that appeals to you and try it. Keep working and focusing on it. Be positive about making it work and don't give up, especially when you really don't feel like doing it. After a while (a few weeks), try another one - but keep focusing on your first one as well as your second. If something doesn't work and you've given it an honest and long try - try something else. Don't feel guilty because you're not "doing everything right". Give yourself time to adapt and change. Remember, there is no failure here, except for the failure to keep trying.



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