Getting to work stress free

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How do I get to work on time when the kids are bugging me?

Getting to work stress free

Do you find yourself always rushing out the door to work with the kids trying to keep you back? How do you handle this - tell them off for holding you up, get stressed because you're running late and feel guilty for yelling at the kids? In a perfect world you would deal with this by getting out of bed earlier in order to have time to spend with the kids before you stroll out the door to get to work early. In reality, you may be better to make less major, more realistic changes. Firstly, try to structure your morning so that you follow a routine for getting ready as that speeds you up and, also, keep a tab on the time so that you know where you should be up to at any time. Secondly, you don't need to take it out on your kids - just tell them simply and pleasantly that daddy leaves for work at 7.00am (or whatever), give them a kiss and leave. They may yell and complain, but you don't need to, and that removes a lot of the guilt.



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