Building a rope swing

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How can I make a swing?

Building a rope swing

If your kids want a swing, the quick and cheap alternative is to make one. All you need are a couple of strong ropes, long enough to hang from a sturdy tree branch and tie to a seat, and something for the seat. This can be as raw as a thick piece of tree branch (ensure it is strong enough to hold their weight). Drill a hole about 4 inches from each end, pass the rope through and tie securely. Tie the ropes over a sturdy overhead tree branch at a distance apart equal to the rope distance apart at the seat. Check the swing area for dangers such as branches sticking out or exposed rocks that the child may land on if they fall off. It is best if the area is grassed all over. Check all knots every few weeks and re-tie where necessary. Also check the rope for frays, especially where it rubs on the overhead branch, and replace immediately.



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