Share your home with your kids

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How do I keep the house tidy with my kids around?

Share your home with your kids

Some people like to keep their home and yards as neat and clean as possible. However, with kids it's often difficult to maintain neatness. Kids love to tear around yards on bikes or play sports that may damage a few gardens and take a few divits in the lawn. Inside the house can often look like a war zone with toys, clothes, and other bits and pieces strewn about the place. It's important not to go overboard with trying to maintain a home that looks like a kid-free zone. If you have children, they must be allowed to live with some element of freedom. Whilst this does not extend to damage or defacement, there should be some flexibility in tolerating some mess. With kids, there will always be mess at some stage of the day, even if you enforce cleaning up at the end of the day.



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