Diffuse your anger

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How do I look after my own health?

Diffuse your anger

For your own health and for the health of your relationships with your family, learn to diffuse your anger. Studies have shown that a lot of men carry a great deal of anger around with them and are often releasing it, in different ways, on others. Find ways to unload it elsewhere. For instance, physical effort is a great way to release the emotional pressure - hard work gets a lot of the aggression out. This could be via exercise, chopping wood or mowing lawns, etc. At worst, you can go into your bedroom on your own and thump a pillow for awhile. What ever method you use, make sure it's harmless to others and really lets the pressure out.



5/8/2008 5:15:53 PM
LiaiseeCawpete said:

Good post.., brother


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