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How do I cope with too much work?

Don't 'stress-out'

Feeling overwhelmed by all that you need to do as a Dad? Sometimes doing nothing is better then trying to do it all. Giving balance to our lives means quiet times as well as the busy times. Doing things like watching TV, watching the grass grow, etc. can give your mind a chance to rest and allow your thoughts to re-organize themselves; include the kids whenever possible. In reality, quiet time can develop into something very productive.

What do I do if I´m bored with my life?

Do something different

In order to maintain a balanced life, it's good for you to do something different to your normal routine during the week. For instance, if you run your own business, chances are that you spend most of your waking time either working at that business or thinking about it. You need to break that up with something that is completely different. You could pursue a hobby (not similar to your work) or do a course that's completely disimilar to your business. e.g. fencing, learning another language, cooking. Try to involve your wife and even your kids where you can so that everyone can have a break. Perhaps you could all go and do some kind of community service an hour or two a week, or attend a painting workshop, or go indoor rock climbing.

Can I treat my kids at other times then their birthdays?

Spoiling kids

Take care in spoiling a child with gifts, especially if given out of guilt; each gift loses its meaning. If you want to lavish a gift on your children, do it on their birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. Try to avoid spoiling at Christmas if the 'message of Christmas' is important to the family. A Dad's quality time with children is an important gift to give; spoil with love, not gifts.

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