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Where can I contact a British Father´s group?

British Father's Groups

Here is a good link to British Father's Groups:
The Men / Father Organizations

Where can I contact a Candian Father´s group?

Candian Father's Contacts

Here are some links to contact Canadian Father's groups:
Fathers Are Capable Too
MESA: Men's Educational Support Association

Who is a good Australian speaker on parenting?


Steve Biddulph is a name synonymous with parenting in Australia. His books, including his popular "Secrets of happy children" series and "Raising Boys" have been extremely well received into Australian homes. As a speaker he is down to earth, honest and enlightening, revealing not only the necessary tips on parenting but also his own experiences as a father. Keep an eye out for him and see him at least once while your children are young.

Can you recommend a Sydney newspaper for parents?

Newspapers - Sydney

A great regular newspaper for parents to read is "Sydney's Child". It is free and generally available from certain chemists, kids clothing / toy / furniture stores, and shopping centres. It contains excellent articles on raising children, letters, reviews, classifieds and advertisements. A "must read" for any parent.

Where can I contact an American father´s rights group?

Top US Father's Links

These links will put you into contact with some of the top people in the United States:
The National Father's Resource Center
The American Coalition of Fathers and Children

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