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Don't rush kids to grow up

Don't rush your kids to grow up, they'll do it soon enough, anyway. Let them grow in their own time. Remember, once your youngest child has passed each stage of growth and development, you'll never see that wonderful part of life in your children again.

How do I deal with feeling restricted?

Agree on personal space

Do you find your freedom seems to becoming more and more restricted? Are you feeling closed in and frustrated? Chances are, you are not taking any time out purely for yourself. In order to have a balanced life, you need some personal time. Agree with your wife on some time each week (just an hour or two should suffice) where you can have time just for you - watch TV, read a book, go to a movie, go shopping, visit friends, pursue a hobby, attend evening college. Likewise you should offer the same flexibility to your partner - everyone needs personal time out.

Am I too strict with my kids?

Be more flexible

Be more flexible with your time and attitude to your kids. Try not to set yourself constant strict timetables and parameters. Kids have a wonderful way of living in the moment which means that they don't care what the time is or what may have to be done or what is coming up at another time in the day or the fact that you are tired and hungry. They want to do things now and it's good to not fight them on that all of the time - give them a lot of attention and some flexibility when you can. There will be plenty of times when your schedule will not stretch very far so stretch it on those occasions when you are able to

How much time should I give to my family?

One on one relationship time

Give each of your children and your spouse / partner one on one time on a regular basis. This time is really important for development and maintenance of your relationships with each of your family members. If you only give your family "family time", you will not have closeness with your kids or intimacy with your wife, nor will you have true fulfillment with your family. Whilst work or other priorities may seem too demanding now, how will you feel when you finally have time and no one wants to share it with you?


Time out for dads

Are you feeling stifled by your kids or your partner? Enhance your relationship with your family by allowing sufficient time and space on your own to rest and recharge. Your own personal time and space also give you a continuing sense of your own importance.


Quality time

Quality time on its own is a myth. The quality of your relationship with your child or children is also dependent upon the quantity of time you spend with them. If you don't give them adequate time, no matter how good the time you give is, how high up your priority list are they going to feel?

Is it that important to make time to spend with the family?

Invest in your relationships

Invest your greatest resource into your greatest assets. Spend time - lots of time - with your family. We have become very focused on material things and many have lost sight of the important things in life. In fact, all of the important things are free: Love, air, time, etc. Your family are the most valuable gift you have ever received, but they are not yours to keep unless you invest your love and time.

How do I get to work on time when the kids are bugging me?

Getting to work stress free

Do you find yourself always rushing out the door to work with the kids trying to keep you back? How do you handle this - tell them off for holding you up, get stressed because you're running late and feel guilty for yelling at the kids? In a perfect world you would deal with this by getting out of bed earlier in order to have time to spend with the kids before you stroll out the door to get to work early. In reality, you may be better to make less major, more realistic changes. Firstly, try to structure your morning so that you follow a routine for getting ready as that speeds you up and, also, keep a tab on the time so that you know where you should be up to at any time. Secondly, you don't need to take it out on your kids - just tell them simply and pleasantly that daddy leaves for work at 7.00am (or whatever), give them a kiss and leave. They may yell and complain, but you don't need to, and that removes a lot of the guilt.


Enjoying your Summer Vacation

Summer is an opportune moment to spend time with your kids. During most of the year kids are just as busy as you are with school and extracurricular activities, so take summer and enjoy it. Most families take the big vacation in the summer, but set aside time for mini-vacations like weekend getaways for the family. An overnight stay at the beach, spending time at a not too distant amusement park, or visiting a historical city or town like Washington makes for great memories and summer fun. Family vacations are very important, although sometimes it’s the little getaways that make for the most interesting journeys. Google local attractions for you area and you’ll find all kinds of summer festivals, carnivals, and parades the kids love to enjoy. The entire summer can seem like one big vacation.

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