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Get into that Kitchen

Being a single parent and a dad require a different skill set than most other fathers. If you want your children to eat healthy then you must be able to cook. I love my mom, but she burns her toast every morning so I had to pretty much learn to cook on my own. The first thing to learn about cooking is know your boundaries. Don’t attempt to make a thanksgiving –sized meal on your first attempt. Go to the internet and Google the Food Network. All of their recipes are clearly labeled as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. They also include prep time and cooking time; prep time is the amount of time it takes to measure, cut, or chop all the ingredients. Pick a nice easy recipe that takes no longer than thirty minutes and run with it. If the kids like it, store the recipe in a binder and label it a keeper!
Ingredients are an important part of any meal. Fresh produce always makes a difference opposed to using their canned counterparts. All non-organic canned goods have food preservatives in them that have harmful effects to the human body. If you don’t believe me try eating foods without preservatives for a month and see how much weight you lose, how much more energy you have, and how much less you eat. Have a great time in the kitchen and maybe someday Bobby Flay will knock on your door to challenge you to a throw down!

How can I get my picky eater to eat?

Pay close attention to what they will eat.

The finicky eater is every parent's bete noir. With a bit of persitance we can turn our child/adversary into a model of health.
Even the most picky child will have a small group of foods he or she enjoys. Make a list of these foods. To this list add those foods the child will eat, even though he or she may not enjoy them. Look through this list for foods that form a balanced diet.
You now have enough information to build a diet. To this diet add very small portions of new foods at least once a day.
Over time the list will grow. Over the course of a year your child will have a diet that, if boring, is healthy.

How can I get my kids eating healthy when I´m in a big hurry?

Think Mediterranean

Getting kids to eat healthy food when we are in a hurry sounds like a lot of work. It isn't if we think Mediterranean food.
A tossed salad, spaghetti and garlic bread can go from the cupboard to eating in 20 minutes. Souvlaki on pita, Tacos and Spanish Rice all become food in 15 minutes.
The key is to think of quick ways to get vegetables, breads, "Good" oils and meat into the kids and ourselves with a minimum of fuss. With the addition of milk to drink, Mediterranean food does the trick.

What is fast home food for my children?

Fast food at home

Dads, try this recipe to fix with your children. A package of ground beef, a can of tomato soup, a can of corn, a big squirt of pancake syrup and a big squirt of mustard: Viola! Instant food. Fry the beef until browned, drain off grease; add the soup and corn; squirt in syrup and mustard; stir well; serve on toast or bun. Total time is less than five minutes. Nutrition is good, not great, but lots of fun!

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