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Am I failing as a dad?

Go easy on yourself - you are human

In trying to be a great dad, give yourself credit for your efforts and avoid berating yourself. It is a challenging role to be a successful parent and we can see ourselves as "failing" at times. As long as you believe that you are trying to do what you feel is best for your children and you are prepared to admit and improve upon your mistakes, then you are succeeding 100%. Give yourself praise and treats as well as your child. And always encourage, support and praise your partner in their parenting as well.

Am I failing as a dad?

Move on past the mistakes

We all make mistakes and have regrets over our words and actions at times. However, self-absorption about past errors can lead to depression and achieves nothing positive. If you have done damage, move on - don't do more damage by living in regret.

How do I teach my kids not to make mistakes?

Teach them - Don't blame them

When the kids make mistakes - don't give them a hard time over the mistake. Treat the child with respect and teach them to avoid the same mistake next time. Often, kids make mistakes because they honestly don't know how to do something - or what is right in a specific situation. They're always learning. Be a teacher to them, not a punisher.

Is it okay to ask for help?

Ask for help

Don't be afraid to ask for help when things get tough or busy. Avoid the "it's not the manly thing to ask for help" syndrome. We're all overwhelmed at times and can benefit more from being relieved of some of the workload then maintaining an external appearance of coping when we're obviously not.

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