John Valadez
Dad Guru

I have wanted to be a dad for as long as I can remember. Most kids dream of playing pro sports or being a cop or fireman but, I just wanted to be a father. When I was challenged in school or life I would always reflect on the decisions I made and make a mental note to teach my children an easier way – I’m doing it now and have been for 6 years. I have two angelic little ladies, Isabella (5) and Emmy (3); both girls keep me very much on my toes. As well as being a father, I’m also a single parent and “figuring it out” has become a daily task. I joke with people all the time and tell them I have a PhD in “figuring it out”. I have been writing for as long I can remember and knew I had some talent when a grade school English teacher accused me of plagiarism – best compliment I ever had. Although the majority of my career has been in the business world, I have written two screenplays and directed and produced a short film. I’m a full time blogger, SEO expert and social media fanatic.

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