Read them a Dr. Seuss Book

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Read them a Dr. Seuss Book

Going to the book store or library can be a daunting task for any dad. This feeling of “where do I begin” overwhelms the best of us. When that happens to me at the bookstore, I usually go to Mr. Consistency – Dr. Seuss.

A Beginner Book
Try reading the kids “Green Eggs and Ham”. Dr. Seuss’ simplistic tale of ignorance is a great way to introduce kids to reading. This is a beginner’s book with imaginary images and rhyming rhetoric taking you through an enjoyable ride to the ultimate conclusion that not only does our reluctant protagonist like green eggs and ham, well, he’ll eat them anywhere.
Pre-K or above Book
Try reading the kids “Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?” The book enlightens children on just how lucky they are without the frightening overtones of real life. You do not have to bring up starving children or walking ten miles in the snow to school because an old man in the Desert of Drize sits in a terribly prickly place – ouch! The theme of the book constantly reminds the readers how lucky they are and what it means to be grateful.
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