Understanding the Home Hierarchy

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Understanding the Home Hierarchy

There is a hierarchy in your home and it was forged without you even knowing. If your wife is a stay at home mom then she is in charge, even when she is not around. It’s best just to accept this and go with the schedule. There really is no use in swimming against the current. After all, she knows all the little nooks and crannies of the children, where they hide things, if they are really sick or just faking and their favorite foods.

She is home all day and you are at work. Understanding and accepting the social order of the house will ensure your families success. Be a great supporter of your wife and raising children will be much easier. When she makes a decision, support her; if she sets a curfew then agree with her; if she cooks the worst dinner you ever ate then eat it with a smile. Chances are she knows she messed up, but you don’t have to bring it up at the table. Letting her save face in front of the children sends the message that mom and dad are a team and make team decisions. If you disagree with something she does or says save it for a time when the kids are not around.



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