Taking the kids shopping and why you need too

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Taking the kids shopping and why you need too

All parenting books instruct on how to make your life easier. One of the tips I’ve read went something like getting someone else to watch your kids while you went grocery shopping and, therefore, you can shop uninterrupted, relaxed, and without fear of the kids running around. I couldn’t disagree more with that kind of advice. Children need social experiences to build their social skills. How else are they going to know how to behave in public unless you let them out of the house?

If you have one small child then placing them in the shopping cart and giving them a snack is the easiest way to ensure wanted behavior. Children tend to act out when they are bored and want your attention so preoccupying them with a snack and a toy will give you ample time to get the shopping completed. If you have more than one child, place the youngest child in the cart before going in the store and have a conversation with your other child or children. Explain to them what the proper behavior is and that you need their assistance in shopping. Have your child put items in the cart to give them something useful to do. Remember to show honest and sincere appreciation, praise, and give them a fine reputation to live up to and your trip to the store will be a fun and exciting adventure.



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