Cleaning 101

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Cleaning 101

I’ve seen many bachelor pads in my day and of course I lived in one for some time. The most common occurrence was the thick layer of dust that resided on most furniture and certain fixtures. The first rule of cleaning is dusting. If you aren’t very fond of dusting products than a healthy alternative is a paper towel, some water and a drying clothe. Damp your paper towel and begin wiping everything that collects dust starting from the top and working your way down. We’ll start in the living room. If you have ceiling fan wipe that down first. Make your way to the television - it’s a dust magnet - and wipe that down. Before wiping down the T.V. make sure you read the instructions on caring for your television as some require a dry cloth or a special cleaning product. When the television is completed you can make your way around the room. After dusting you can vacuum and you are finished with the living room. Easy enough, isn’t it?

The reason you dust first is to knock down all the dust particles in the room and vacuum them up with the dirt in the rug or on the floor. Make your way to every room and after you can move into the bathroom and kitchen. Since these are areas tend to build much more bacteria you’ll need to invest in some cleaning products, but the same principles apply. Start from the top and make your way down. Make sure you get behind the toilet bowl - no cheating. Happy cleaning!



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