Why Vacations are Necessary

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Why Vacations are Necessary

Americans on average do not utilize their vacation time as well other countries. If you do not have the funds to take a family vacation chances are the money is being spent elsewhere. Maybe your vacation money is spent on the new BMW you purchased this year? You know the car you spend 100 hours a year commuting back and forth to work. If you are having difficulty finding vacation money then start thinking outside the box.

Create an account with your bank and save vacation money a little each week. Some banks have creative ways for families to stock pile money. One major bank will save a dollar every time you use your bank debit card for purchases. Don’t get a debit card with your savings account; this will not allow you to withdrawal money from the account unless you go inside the branch. Nice way to save. Start thinking of summer vacations in a nontraditional sense as well. Avoid airports and long family car rides in favor of local attractions. If you live within driving distance from an ocean or lake rent a house for a month. If funds are really low you can take long weekends to spend with the family and continue to work during the week while they enjoy the house the entire month. The family gets to relax for an extended period of time and you can drive your expensive car back and forth, another win-win situation.



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