Date Night

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Date Night

Keeping the romance alive is not as challenging as you may think after having children. Like the rest of your appointments schedule a consistent date night. Whether you decide on once a month, twice a month, or weekly, a consistent date night is detrimental to your marriages success. Most couples take turns choosing what and where they spend their coveted night out. You can take her to dinner and a movie, visit friends, play games (video games, board games or cards), take her dancing to a nightclub or change things up and take her for couple massages.

Can’t get a consistent baby sitter? Try spending the night committed to each other at home. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and then enjoy a DVD together. You can even include the kids every now and then to join you. A family night together playing games or miniature golf assists in building family camaraderie. As long as you put all of your other activities and commitments aside, a date night at home can be an ideal alternative.



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