Spending Time with each Child Alone

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Spending Time with each Child Alone

The decision to have more than one child weighs heavy on most couples shoulders. Do I have enough time to give another child attention? How will our first child respond? What about sibling rivalry? Those are just of the questions that married couple ponder when thinking about “getting pregnant” for a second or third time. If you are fortunate to have more than one child you know children competing for attention can get very heated. Avoid these frequent outbursts by spending time with each individually. Maybe not all of your children will like doing the same activities, actually the chances are very slim. I’ve seen families go as far as take separate vacations with each child. If you enjoy that type of income then by all means give it a try. A week solely with mommy or daddy is a multiple child’s dream. For a day trip take your child to the Zoo or park or ice skating. Sit down and talk with child and ask them what they would like to do with Daddy for the day. You’ll be surprised at what they suggest.



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