Keep Smiling

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Keep Smiling

Smiling is infectious. Have you ever wondered why a dog is commonly referred as man’s best friend? Anyone who owns a dog can tell you every time they come home their dog greets them with a big smile. And why are dog owners so happy to see their dog? Dogs are always smiling. In the early part of the twentieth century Bell Telephone Company installed a mirror in front of their operators so they could see the faces they made over the phone. Below the mirror was the word “SMILE”. The progressive company believed their agents smile projected over the phone lines and into people’s homes. If an infectious smile can transcend the phone lines imagine what it can for face to face discussions. If your child ruins your papers by knocking over a drink, smile. If your child removes some keys on your laptop, smile. If your child continues to ask, “Are we there yet?” You most definitely have to smile. Smiling and keeping a positive attitude is easy when everything is going you way, but it takes strength of character and a forgiving heart to smile when something goes wrong.



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