Becoming all Ears

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Becoming all Ears

Have you ever been to on a conference call and one person keeps interrupting the speaker and asking questions? What about after the call is over and the guest presenter asks, “Are there any questions?” And no one answers, just silence. Everyone more than likely had their questions answered during the call. If you are fortunate to have your child open up to you and start showing interest in your conversation don’t interrupt or cut them off. Think of your child as a presenter on a conference call; they are the expert on what is on their mind and what they want to convey so let them.

Ask your child questions you’ll know they want to answer. For example, we’ll assume you are on the computer checking-in for your flight the next day to Seattle and your child walks up to you and asks:
“What are you doing daddy?”
“I’m checking-in for my flight tomorrow morning.” You answer kindly as you are still typing.
“Are you going on an airplane?” Your child replies.
“Yes, I am.”
And your child says “O.K.” and skips away.

There was nothing wrong with this conversation you were kind and informative. Could we have done a better job engaging with our child? Here is the same conversation, but instead we’ll ask our child questions they want to answer.

“What are you doing daddy?”
“I’m checking in for my Seattle flight tomorrow morning. Do you remember daddy is going on a business trip?”
“Daddy, you’re going away again?”
“Yes, it’s part of my job. Do you want to help me check-in for my flight?”
“Come on up here…..” Dad picks up his little girl and places her on his lap.

After helping daddy find his seat placement and assisting in printing out the boarding pass father and child play a nice game together.



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