Knowing your Childrens Interest

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Knowing your Childrens Interest

As children age their interests are going to be different than our own. It’s an all too common occurrence. Parents can handle this in many ways a few are: you can either let distance grow between you or take an interest in your child and close the generation gap. The internet provides a world of information at your fingertips. Are you beginning to notice odd posters on their wall and they’re beginning to dress differently? Then try to Google their favorite artists and download their favorite music from the internet. You never know, you might even like it. The same reasoning applies to any of their interests: movies, games, sports or books. Taking a real interest in your child’s life requires being agreeable. Avoid those awkward moments at the dinner table and become part of your child’s life. Showing a genuine concern in your children’s pursuits builds lasting relationships and common interests.



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