Be Patient

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Be Patient

Exercising patients with your children is simple. First you need to become a calm person. Proper attitude, diet, exercise, rest and meditation assist greatly. We’ve covered every aspect of the aforementioned in detail and you should be a smiling well-rested fit Zen machine by now. If you are not you better get moving. We all have our days though and yours truly is no exception. Acknowledging you are beginning to lose your temper is the first step in controlling an outburst. For example, you are at the grocery store and stressed for time and the kids are not cooperating, it’s raining outside, and everyone is wet. Half way through the shopping you realize you left your wallet in the car because you were trying to find a spot close to the door and the kids were fighting in the back over an old happy meal toy they found in between the seats. You park the cart, run out to the car with the kids (in another cart) grab your wallet and head back in wetter than before. Sound familiar?

After wrapping up the shopping you wait in line for a half hour attempting to keep the kids nearby and away from the candy in the magazine racks. Finally you arrive at the checkout and the cashier begins scanning. When all the groceries are bagged and in the cart, you pull out your wallet and your debit card is missing, WTF? You remember your wife lost her bank card and asked to borrow yours until hers arrived in the mail. Meanwhile the kids begin fighting over who gets to sit in the cart.

Now is the time to remain calm.

You don’t yell, scream, pull, yank, or briskly walk across the parking lot and throw your children into the car. Instead kneel down to eye level and ask your children to behave and tell them we will be leaving soon. Go a step forward and say,” Please behave for Daddy, please, please, please.”They smile and say, “O.K. daddy.” You can then explain to the cashier your situation and call your wife. If she doesn’t answer take the kids out to lunch and have a good laugh. Go grocery shopping another day.



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