Be Kind

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Be Kind

A pleasant disposition is noticed by everyone. Most everyone refers to being kind as having manners. Opening and holding doors for strangers, giving up your seat for ladies, and saying good morning to people you meet are underrated qualities. If you want your children to be kind and respectful you must set the example. Children notice the way you peck their mother on the cheek in the morning. Fathers want the best for their daughters and they learn how a man treats a lady by observing you for numerous years. The first man in a girl’s life is her father. Your daughter will choose a partner based on your example. In the same way your son will learn how to treat woman based on your actions. There is simply no way around this natural phenomenon. Showing kindness and expecting the same level of respect from your children will benefit them in every part of their adult lives. You don’t have to pull over and change everyone’s tire on the highway, but you can ask them if they are alright and in need of assistance. When I was younger I suffered a severe eye injury, had no insurance, and was away from home. During this period in my life I wasn’t speaking with my family.

The hospital recommended an eye specialist and made an immediate appointment for me. The hospital never charged me and even gave me a ride to his office. After the optometrist cleaned out and bandaged my eye, I asked him how much I owed him; knowing I didn't have any money I said it neverously. He said, “It’s free of charge.” I said “thank you” asked him “why?” He told me his daughter left home six months ago and hasn’t been in touch since. He went on to say, “I hope if she is in need of assistance, someone will do for her, what I’ve done for you today.” I’m sure he was right.



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