Be Sympathetic

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Be Sympathetic

Be sympathetic to your child’s needs and wants. A “need” is not as simple as food, air, water, or shelter; nor is a “want” as simple as television, a bike, a car, or video games. Children need and want to run around and play outside. They need and want to play and interact with other children and especially need and want our attention. Our busy lives cause us to run errands and complete home projects on the days we have time. And for most of us the weekend is the time to “get things done”. My girls get so excited when we go to Home Depot, not really.

As we balance our home and work lives we must keep in mind to balance our weekends. Plan out weekend projects and chores so months do not go by and finally we do something with the kids. Keep in mind there is only so many times a child can play with their toys or swing on the backyard set or ride their bikes. Rotate Saturdays and Sundays as such, this week on Saturday its work around the house and Sunday is a family fun day. You can always ask the kids to pitch in and help on Saturday and who wouldn’t want to spend Sunday biking, hiking, or at the park? Any family activities are a joy for children because they just want to spend time with their favorite adults.



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