Teach your Child Something you don't Know

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Teach your Child Something you don't Know

After you mastered the prior tip you’ll have a good frame of reference for this one. Pick a task a little more difficult, but something you’ve always wanted to try; this could be like wine making, sailing, or making a short film and post on you tube. Anything you always wanted to try but needed a really good reason to start. The possibilities are endless according to the age of your children. I would wait until they reach double digits – 10 or older.

In fact, you can make the lessons part of their double digit birthday. We only turn double digits once in our life. Plus this will give us time to figure out what we want to teach them and learn it for ourselves. Expanding our knowledge of the world and opening up new experiences to our children. You never know what can happen. This lesson could end up being a bond you share your entire lives.



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