Assisting Kids with Homework

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Assisting Kids with Homework

Assisting our children with their homework and doing their homework for them are not the same. Yet some parents end up doing their child’s homework and school projects. How do you avoid this common pitfall? As in prior tips, a routine needs to be set up and followed by both children and the parents. When your child walks in the door from school they should know what is expected of them and how much time is allocated for homework. A four step success plan is easiest to remember and facilitate:

1. Midday Snack – After a long day at school a midday snack will give them just what they need to hit the books before dinner.
2. Complete Homework – Setup a designated homework/study area so the kids can concentrate and feel comfortable. The area needs to be well light and free of any distraction.
3. Review with Mom or Dad – After completion Mom or Dad has to sign off on each homework assignment before letting junior enjoy recreational activities.
4. Follow up with the Teacher - Always keep in constant contact with your children’s teacher for progress reports. Most schools utilize the web better than most companies. In the beginning of the year ask for the teachers email address and correspondence will be easy.

If your child has difficulty in an assignment ask them to skip over it and together both of you can tackle the task after the rest of their homework is finished. When your child has no homework ask them to review the current chapters they are covering in subjects they are experiencing difficulty. If the lack of homework continues contact the teachers and ask for additional work your child can complete to boost their knowledge in the subject. Preparing our children for college and life is our responsibility. In college there won’t be many days without homework. It’s best they get use to the course load now rather than later.



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